Will you be my valentine 💝

Pair of Shoes Readers we are back at it once again, doing what we do best and that is giving back to the community we love so much. This time we have something "delicious" in store for you. The amazing staff members of Montefiore Mosholu Community Center invited us for their pre-valentines cooking event in the Bronx. This was no small cooking course. The students decided to create chocolate covered strawberries for their valentines by the good graces of the one and only Ms. Jeanelle Devine from www.justlikemamascookin.com

It all started out with the students coming into the classrooms and getting into groups of 4. The students were given the chocolate bar for melting, strawberries, pans, pot, and utensils in order to create the ganache. Then the students used skewers to dip the strawberries in the ganache and twist until the strawberries were covered with a dark and even coating of the sweet cocoa glaze. The eight groups then presented their chocolates to our team and undeniably we could not help ourselves except to enamor our cravings. After the groups completed their sweets, the team had advised the children the fun was not over. The children were then asked to write their names on paper and we would be conducting a raffle to award the lucky winners. After collecting the names, three lucky student names were announced and given the following.

In 3rd Place: Erica with the Nike Shirt and Cap

In 2nd Place: Ivan with the Exclusive Creme colored Sprayground bookbag

In 1st Place: Minerling with the $100 Gift Voucher for any City Jeans Premium locations

We were honored and thankful for being part of the children's creative event and look forward to many more from the awesome staff and students of MMCC.