Talented Skills and Thrills

Welcome back Pair of Shoes' readers, once again we have a "trick up our sleeve". The awesome students of International School of Health and Sciences contributed to a school talent show. Keep in mind the students are International Students from all over the world. These talented individuals placed all the anxiety aside and gathered up the courage to face the crowd. These dedicated adolescents took the time to produce an amazing Talent Show. The Giveback team from City Jeans Premium, could not just wait on the sidelines, we had to go and see for ourselves and reward the talented individuals.

Upon arriving at the school the Giveback team was escorted to the highest part of the school also known as "The Tower" reaching above the norm. Thereafter, the Giveback team gave a speech on the importance of teamwork and helping one another through thick and thin. The team then conducted a raffle and collected all the students' names and placed them in a box. One after another, three lucky winners were chosen and brought up on the stage to see what awesome prize they had won.

In 3rd Place: Nike hat and Shirt

In 2nd Place: An exclusive Sprayground backpack

In 1st Place: A $100 Gift Voucher at any City Jeans Premium stores

Amazed once again with the cooperation and enthusiasm from all the students. We cannot be more thankful for being part of the Talent show. Till next time, now you see us and now you don't.