SLAMOFF for Black History Month

Hello Pair of Shoes' readers, we are back at it again. This time it is for a historical occasion. The amazing students of the middle school, Success Academy participated in a "slam off". For those who do not know what a slam off is do not fret, it is a poetry competition based on a specific topic. Therefore what would be more passionate than to judge a poetry competition on the basis of Black History Month.

The day started out as any usual busy day. The principal had given out a poetry project to all the classes on February 1st, 2019 and over a few weeks, the students were reading their poetry and were competing on the status of structure, message, and tone of the poems. From Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Maya Angelou, Frederick Douglass, Barack Obama, and many more African American Icons, the student's used some of these historic leaders to provide the significance of the month of February. Each week, poets tried but were not able to make the cut. However, the final 4 competitors were given a platform through the main smart tv to reach out to all the kids to express passionately for their poems. One after the other the students were called up and placed in front of the tv portal to communicate what Black History Meant to them. After listening to all the participants, the students made their decision on the final 4 ranks.

The decision was made and City Jeans Premium's Giveback Campaign was happy to reward the final four. For their hard work and courage to present to the whole school.

In 4th Place: Keimya, with a Nike Shirt and Hat

In 3rd Place: Aboubocar, with an exclusive Sprayground backpack

In 2nd Place: Anthony, with a $100 Gift Voucher at any City Jeans Premium stores

In 1st Place: Fatou, with a brand new Apple Ipad

We were shocked with all the students' excitement towards their fellow classmates success and achievements and we cannot be more thankful for being part of the Poetry Slamoff event. Till next time fellow readers, keep on keeping on