How to CLEAN your SNEAKERS 2019

Today we have a special segment from the pair of shoes family. We will be providing a great solution to all those messy sneakers and boots. It's that time of the year when rain, sleet, and snow come pouring down and we have to maintain some of the best kicks we have and we have got the thing that will help.

Crep wipes: The ultimate shoe cleaning accessory for any sneakerhead or shoe wearer, the travel size wipe is perfect for those unexpected splashes or marks when on the move. Suitable for use on leather, canvas, nylon, vinyl and more, 12 Crep Protect Wipes come individually sealed with a cotton fresh aroma and can be stored in your bag, pocket or wallet.

Here the steps to get that dirty and dingy footwear back to new.

1) Open your Crep Wipe packet and dip the Crep Brush into a warm water cup or bucket. (awesome on all materials)

2) Next, lift the brush from the warm water and open your Crep solution and squeeze two droplets into the brush.

3) Then take the sneaker and place your hand inside and stretch your hand inside to create a firm grip.

4) Take the Crep brush and maneuver in clockwise circles on the surface of the shoes or boots and make sure the foam starts to spread out throughout the surface.

5) Keep brushing until the stains or dirt start to come off.

6) Then take your Crep rag and wipe off the surface where it has been cleaned and watch how the shoe or boots go from old wear to brand new.

Remember to repeat to cover all the dirty spots to get the best results.

For on the go uses, use the Crep Wipe towelettes.

You can find Crep wipes at or any local City Jeans Premium stores.

Don’t forget to snap yourself a Crep Kit

Keep on shining.