Don't just stand there, Give!

Hello, People, this is Kris with yet another story of one of our crazy excursions at the local middle school 224. The event was co-organized between Mosholu Montefiore Community Center (MMCC) and Pair of Shoe’s City Jeans Premium. However, this event was like no other. The day started out as awesome as always and upon reaching the school, the team was notified of changes to the game and how it will not be played in a basketball court.

Nonetheless, the City Jeans team and staff got together and resolved the issue by taking the competition to the cafeteria! The students were in awe of what was transpiring amongst them. Basketball hoops being replaced with garbage and recycling bins and glued post-it notes for a start line. The students couldn’t sit patiently, the excitement started to grow.

Then the stage became set, the girl's basketball team was called up and acknowledged for their amazing winning streak. The gym coach in front and center explained to the basketball team, that this competition being arranged was to challenge their skills and ability to adapt to different challenges. Prepare them for changes to come in life. The students paid close attention and were escorted to get in a line,

opposite of the three different garbage bins being used as hoops.

The rules were the following, the first player to run across the cafeteria put on the hoodie and take a shot from the designated line and get the ball in the bin will be sent on to the next round. The second competition exhibited the girl's team in dribbling down the line as fast as possible back and forth and then taking a shot. The final competition was left for the contenders. The students need to be able to bounce the ball off the floor into the bin, the person who did the most was our first place winner. After a few competitions and challenging bouts, we had 3 amazing winners. 3Rd prize: Nike hat and Shirt 2nd prize: Nike Hat and Shirt 1st prize:

Sprayground Backpack The girl's basketball team proved what it meant to be a team and be there for one another. This reason why we try to set examples. We want all people to know anything is possible as long you put your heart and mind in the right place. We look forward to the next event with the students of MMCC.