Helping people, changing lives

Video Included Happy New Year People! It is a new year which means a new chapter in the Giveback Story by Pair of Shoes. Our tale starts with the amazing 2018 initiative, the Giveback Campaign and all the great work it has done in the Bronx and surrounding boroughs. Pair of Shoes by City Jeans Premium was honored to co-organize a basketball tournament in Middle School, MS 331 in the BX.

The Students aligned themselves in a single file line to participate in a free throw competition and test their skills. The competition started and 70 students tested fate. One after another, the students kept trying and trying until the very end. However, after all the sweat and nervousness we announced 10 lucky contenders to compete in the final round. The contenders were then placed on the elimination round to shoot as many free throws within 30 seconds and get them in the hoop. Part two commenced and the lucky students were shooting and taking shots from all ends of the court. From three-pointers to the halfway court, the competition became fierce. Only three students passed the final stage.

At third place, we had a tie and here at pair of shoes, ties don't pass. Therefore we went into our famous Rock, Paper, Scissors for best of 2 out of 3 Winner. After being on the edge for three long competitive minutes, we had an undisputed champion.

Pair of Shoes by City Jeans Premium was proud to be part of the local community and give back to the people that have made us who we are today. Check our blog every week for what's next in the Giveback Initiative.