From compassion to action

Pair of Shoes Readers it is a Frigid cold day here in NYC and we have exciting news to share with you. Due to the positive energy and amazing vibes we received from the previous event, the team Give back was honored to co-organize a new intense skill competition with the 7th graders of Washington Heights, WHEELS. The give back team kicked it up a notch and made a slight change for this event. The basketball skill challenge was given a variable like no other. Let us go over the braveness and courage the students dived into by digging deep and bringing out their talent on the court. The students came into class as any ordinary day but this time it was going to be different. The give back team was awaiting them to do what we do best and that is to put a smile on the students faces with the activities and prizes we have brought with us.

The second period started and the students came into the gym. The gym teachers called out each student's name one after another and the emotions on the faces of confusion to surprised changed drastically after knowing there will be prizes to be handed out for the top 3 winners.  However, let's not get ahead of ourselves, let us see what ensued.

The first challenge was like no other. The students were directed one after another to go behind the backboard of the basketball hoop and dribble consistently up to the sitting orange cone and go around the cone without losing focus or the rhythm of the bounce of the ball and then take a free throw shot to pass the elimination round. Seventy students attempted the obstacle, some with confidence and others anxious nonetheless they were always giving it 110% of the best they can do to win the competition.

Finally, after the intense round, ten students had made it to the final 10 to qualify for a position and name the best three players. The final round started and the students were told that this will be the last match to determine the three best players. What once was a quiet bunch tired and exhausted from the math questions earlier, exploded into a fan frenzy at a Knicks game in Madison Garden. The crowd had become electrified and started to clap and shout for their favorite pick to win the game. The determination, intensity, and endurance the finalist competed at seemed like it was out of an NBA game. After a long 2 minutes that seemed to go on forever, we had our final three winners. The award ceremony commenced and the following prizes were awarded.

In 3rd Place: Mitchell & Ness KC Jersey and Fitted Cap

In 2nd Place: Exclusive Spraayground bookbag

In 1st Place: $100 Gift Voucher for any City Jeans Premium locations

We cannot thank enough the awesome staff at WHEELS in Washington Heights for co-organizing the event.