Expressing Artistry in Our Community 🎨

Hello Pair of Shoes readers, we have yet another exciting surprise for you. The Give Back team was back at it in the Bronx with some rewards for the Junior High School 98 students. The day started out like any other day, except the crew arrived in the classroom to prepare 20 easels, canvas boards and distribute the paint, paint trays, water, and paint brushes. This was no easy task but it sure was rewarding. Once the students started walking into the room, to their amazement the class had been prepared for a full paint session

The paint event commenced with Mr. City Jeans, expressing to the students to paint something that inspires them. The students initiated with picking up the paintbrush and dabbing a little white paint and mixing it with water to color over the canvas as an additional layer. Then the event started with immense creativity from all spectrum of life. Some students were commemorating Black History Month while others were designing abstract and floral works of art. Once all the students were complete with their art, Mr. City Jeans judged and named the final three.

In 3rd Place: Fila Shirt and Cap

In 2nd Place: Exclusive Creme colored Sprayground bookbag

In 1st Place: $100 Gift Voucher for any City Jeans Premium locations

The smiles on the students cannot be simply expressed. The whole experience was refreshing and motivating to continue serving the community we care about so much. It was truly an honor and we are thankful for being part of the children's creative event and look forward to many more from the awesome staff and students of Junior High School 98.