Bringing change to the future leaders

Hey people, this is Kris once again with an awesome adventure we recently experienced. This time the Giveback Campaign team by Pair of Shoes, teamed up with a local South Bronx High School to bring valuable lessons in teamwork and competition. The Giveback campaign arranged a special event for the 9th, 10th and 11th-grade students of the South Bronx Charter Community High School.

The adventure unfolded with students coming together and lining up inside the gym for three elimination rounds.

1st round: 2 out of 3 Freethrow Competition

2nd round: Dribble through our arch design maze

3rd round: Three-point shootout

After 70 students competing and trying their hand at aiming and shooting with their hearts, 10 students made the cut. The next round began and the competition became fierce. The students warmed up and prepared for the double dribbling of the basketballs while running the arch maze we created. It may have seen difficult at first glance, however, the students in record time impressed everyone. After 10 minutes, we had our 3 skilled winners.

3rd place competitor was, Kenneth

2nd place runner up was, Shayanne

and The 1st place undisputed champion was Helwin

The Giveback campaign was taken away with the skills and confidence amongst the youth and we feel proud to support our future leaders in this journey. Thank you SBC for co-organizing this amazing event for the amazing students of South Bronx Charter Highschool.